Private Lessons


These lessons are in your own home or choice of location such as a park. Elena will spend one-on-one time with you and your dog and work on issues that are specific to you. Lessons begin by learning how dogs learn, what methods we will be using to help our dogs, and any additional information that may be specific to you and your dogs.

Each training scenario will be designed with an ultimate goal and set up in steps so your dog can achieve these goals. After the session is over Elena will review what you went over and what you should be looking for with your dog. You will be given homework to accomplish before meeting with Elena again to assist in the progression for your dog. A lot is accomplished during these sessions and they are packed with information. These can be scheduled any time during the week or weekend and are typically one hour. Have treats ready for these sessions and a notepad is always a good idea as well.

Personalized Attention
Private lessons allow for total personal attention on your dog and your needs as a handler. The only skills taught in private lessons are those that you and your dog actually need.
In Your Own Home
Since the lessons are in your own home your dog is ready to learn in an environment they are comfortable with. This helps us teach more complex behaviors or things that are specific to your lifestyle.
On Your Schedule
Training is available on weekdays and weekends with morning, afternoon, and evening slots. Don’t take precious time out of your day to travel to someone to for dog training- let the trainer come to you!

Group Classes


Group lessons are available for a variety of skill levels in various areas of dog training. Lessons are typically held at the Charming Paws in Grafton or Eastside Central Bark but may also be held in parks in the Milwaukee area. Dogs get to experience working around other dogs in new places. Attention is given to each dog and handler team but generally all the dogs in the lesson will be working on the same behaviors. Many of the group classes offered have set lessons plans that can be altered based on how all the dogs in the class are doing.

Learn By Watching Others
Observing other dogs and handlers can be a great way to expand your skills with your own dog.
Added Distractions
Training around other dogs in a new place helps your dog to improve. Group classes help dogs to generalize that their behaviors mean the same thing in a different place as they do at home.
More Training for Less Money
Group classes are cheaper per class than private lessons are so you can do more training for the same amount of money.

Behavior Modification


Sometimes dogs develop habits that are not compatible with human lifestyles. Elena will help you develop a plan for your dog with behavior issues to help your dog improve. Behavior modification may be combined with prescriptions from your veterinarian. Elena is a referral trainer for A Sound Beginning, Dr. Jokela, and Dr. Ciribassi in the Milwaukee area. Elena has worked with separation anxiety, canine compulsive disorder, leash reactivity, resource guarding, barrier frustration, and more.

Lunging on a leash
Leash reactivity is classically seen in dogs lunging at humans and dogs on leash.
Growling with chews
Dogs who resource guard often growl at us to warn us they are not comfortable.
Constantly Anxious
Dogs who often pace, startle frequently, and just seem on edge may have generalized anxiety.

Dog Evaluations


Picking a new dog from the shelter can be a stressful and confusing process. Elena can help you evaluate new dogs from a shelter or guide your through the process of picking a breed, a breeder, and choosing a puppy. If you are a breeder looking to have your litter temperament tested, Elena can help you with that too! She also helps individuals find a dog that may be suitable as a Service Dog. Online, over the phone, or in person research is charged per hour and travel is also taken into consideration.

Kid Friendly
Energy Level
Fur Type

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